Wearing Red After 40

Wearing Red After 40

The color RED is a warm and positive color that every woman should include in their wardrobe.  The color red is associated with our will to live. Which is something I strongly want - to live, love & laugh.
Red is energizing! It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action. It signifies leadership qualities and an invented spirit. It also gives confidence to those who are shy or lacking confidence to  take action. 
Variations of Red for Women Over 40
Crimson: small amount blue in it. It shows a determination to succeed without hurting anyone's feelings.
Maroon: dark bluish red - represents control and thoughtful action.
Burgundy:dark purplish red. It is considered to be more sophisticated and serious.
Variations of Red for Women 40 and Over

What I Wore:
Scoop Neck Red Dress
Chinese Inspired Cuff Bracelet
Gold Oval Shape Drop Earrings
Wearing Red After 40 has been the best thing I could have every done!

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