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Me (age 4) Rockin' an Afro.


I really don't have much of a story other than I think I've always loved fashion.  Many of my life choices have been based on fashion.  

At a very young age I refused to join the Girl Scouts - because I thought the uniforms were ugly. I never wanted to look like I followed trends, so in high school I chose to dress up (skirts, dress slacks, blazers, & heels). Another one of my choices was not to go into the Air Force because I just could live with wearing the same thing everyday for the rest of my career. 

Honestly, I didn't know that my life would lead to teaching fashion at a college. But "WHOO HOO" I'm super glad it did. Because I LOVE IT!  It's my passion and I hope my passion for playing dress up shows through.  I am also passionate about other things and you can more about that here


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