Branding You: Join the Conversation

Social media offers a tremendous opportunity to brand you and what you do. Back in the day, we only had TV, Radio, Newspapers, Billboards and the networking event. Today, the world is truly open for anyone who see the value in using technology to expand their reach.

The best way to enjoy the advantages of what social media can offer is to realize exactly what you can do with social media. I’m still saying you have to attend local events but never misjudge the power of being part of the online conversation about your industry.

You Can Use Social Media to:

  • Analysis your market
  • Network
  • Share valuable information
  • Announce your new products and services
  • Tell people about your passion and mission
  • Expand your brand
Before joining the conversation, create full and compelling social media profiles. Don't reinvent the wheel use what you already have- company bio, business card information or resume. You've already developed some type of brand offline, and that personal brand should stay the same. The idea is to expand your personal brand, not replace it. While your brand is more than just your photo, there is no point in confusing your audience. You want current clients who can find you on social media sites so that they can share you with others and they will if they recognize you immediately.


Here Are a Few Ways to Make This Happen:

YouTube -- Create compelling video about how to use your products and services. Ask your clients/customers to create YouTube videos describing how they used your product or service and what kind of success they enjoyed due to it. This type of social media will expand your brand in many ways and could even go viral.

Twitter -- Share new content with your followers, comment on their shares, and participate in their conversations. Share coupons, sales, brand news, answer questions, share how-to's and interviews that you've done. Consumers love getting coupons and freebies, so ensure that you offer them.

Facebook -- Use Facebook to build a community and contribute daily. Answer questions professionally, and interact with others in your community. It's important to give your Facebook friends a reason to talk about you.

LinkedIn -- This social media site - is a more serious business version of Facebook in which you can create either a business profile or a personal profile. Once you do, you can ask for recommendations and endorsements from people you have worked with in the past.

On any of the popular social media avenues today it's possible to search keywords that describe your audience, product or service including competitors to keep up with what is happening in your industry. It doesn't matter if you have an online business or offline business using social media to further your personal brand is an essential component of any branding effort today.

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