How to Make a Fashion Blog Stand Out From A Crowd

There are a lot of  fashion blogs already out there on othe internet, and most of my students ask me    "How Do I Stand Out From All The Other Bloggers?"   Everyone and their mom, knows how to create a blog, but many of them have no clue how to market their blog to others.

Allow me to share with you 4 tips on how to make your fashion blog stand out from a crowd.

1. Be Awsome with Instagram: As the creator of your fashion blog and personal brand, Instagram  is a powerful way to connect with your readers.

2. Pin Your Heart Out:  Pinterest is a creative way to drive traffic to your site. Upload images that tell a story and intrigue the viewer to click and then direct them to your site.

3. Look for a Fashion Muse:  If you are anything like me - You like viewing the best of the best. Look for inspiration to jump start your fashion blogging efforts.

4. It's all in the Words:  Take a deep look into SEO. What's is SEO? It's Search Engine Optimization. Still doesn't make sense??? Then you for sure need to read up on how to use it to make your blog stand out.


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