What's Your Personal Branding Story

I remember my first business, I was home on summer break from college, trying to make enough money for next semester's tuition (To the right: Is a photo of me and my sorority sister - before leaving for summer break). My plan was to work my usual summer job and also sell my customize wearable art.

I worked my summer job during the day, created art at night and tried selling my wearable art during the weekends. I didn't make as much money as I hoped- not enough to pay for tuition. After many attempts of trying out different business ventures, and never really making enough money as I hope.

I needed help, I needed a mentor! My college education wasn't enough - so I found a business- marketing coach. What she taught me was ...
1. Locate and sell to a specific target market
2. Connect with people more often and
3. Develop a marketing plan before you actually start to sell

Within the first couple of months of coaching I saw a major difference in my sales. I can NOW claim, that I'm a lot better at identifying my target market, articulating my skill sets, and marketing myself to get more eyes on what I do. You too can become better at marketing yourself in a lot less time than me. Learn more here.  

Consider this month as your summer start-over. Just as January and September signal new beginnings in the year, so does June.    

Today I want to share with you " What's Your  Personal Branding Story" which will  get you started on creating a branding story that will resonate with your blogging followers.

While your product and services are important components to your business success it's amazing how important your story is also. People want to buy from those that they know, like and trust, and your story is how they will connect with you. A lot of entrepreneurs under estimate how important their "about us" page is, or how important the story of their why is.
To develop your story answer the question, "How did you get started, why do you do what you do and where are you going?"

Clients love to connect with personal brands they trust via social media. They love to hear stories about not only you but about other clients who are using your products and services successfully. They'll share the stories with their friends and family, thus helping expand your brand through story telling.

To tell a good story you'll need to dive deeply into your why. Why does your business exist? Why are you passionate about your product or service?
If you're not sure how to develop your story, you can use distribute surveys or brainstorm with current clients or friends and ask them why they buy from you.

Fill out your profiles on the "About Me" area of your websites, blogs and social media. If you write for other sites ensure that your author's bio is succinct in telling your story. Create videos that tell your story. Even your co-workers can help tell your story via their profiles, or social media profiles that mention you and why they buy your services or products.

Place photos of your products or important components of client testimonials that showcase all the positives of your services on your website and social media sites in a prominent location. People want to know what is behind the products and services in a way that shows them that you care, and that you are dedicated to solving their problems. That's right, all successful products and services solve a problem. If you're not sure what problem you solve, it's time to research and figure it out.

Your social media sites is a terrific place to start talking about your why for being. Create status updates often and be open and transparent in your discussion of why you exist. If you've done your home work, your story will resonate with your clients and potential clients and make them proud to do business with you.

Remember, branding is more than a logo or pretty picture. It's really about the perception your target audience has about your business' culture. It's a compilation of your name, logos, tag line, and mission statement. Without knowing your story and conveying a compelling story to the marketplace, many people will miss out on enjoying your products and services.


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