Use Facebook & Instagram to Build a Brand

I use Facebook a lot to keep in contact with my family and friends. But in the last 2 years of building my brand - I started strategically planning ways to market myself as an expert in my niche.  Facebook allowd me to build a large audience around the things I love and care about, such as fashion, internet marketing, speaking, and so much more.

When I launched my first book, I used Facebook as a spring board to share my book progress. I can only say - this played a major part and helping me take my book to the Best seller list.   

Instagram is a new venture for me. I currently only have about 200 followers. This might seem like a lot to some, but actually it's a very low number compared to the millions of people who use instagram daily.

Traffic is picking up and I strongly believe it's because I've started posted a lot more images of myself and what I am wearing.  I've seen a lot of fashion bloggers do this - although I don't consider myself a fashion blogger, I do have simliar interest in showcasing my love for fashion and style.

Your appearance is key to building a lasting personal brand. I was taught at a very young age, that you should always to try to look your best - " You just don't know who might see you".

Talk with you later,


P.S. Happy Mother's Day to all the Wonderful Moms in the World!

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