Mr.Kate, WHO?

Who's Mr. Kate?
 I might be a little late on this one, but I came across Mr.Kate from Lively Bone, an awesome fashion blogger. And I have to say - I Love this Chic- Mr. Kate!  Yeah Chic - see more here.

But anyway - Here's what I found....

Beautiful, right?  I know.   Mr. Kate is an accessory designer and a damn good one.  But I just fell in love with the Spring/Summer 2013 Look Book.   Let me just say - this model and BEAUTIFUL! (check out the behind the scenes video here).

 Lets Take A Look At What Makes This Style Such A Great Look.

  • The color black looks great on anybody(ies)
  • The shawl like collar on the jacket & scarf draws the eye downward- which makes you look taller and thinner.
  • The extra details on the jacket takes a plain boring jacket to the next level , giving you more options to express your eclectic fashion style.

  • This work because curly hair makes a woman more approachable.
  • Soft curls around the face makes a hard angle face softer.
  • The added touch of the head scarf is the most girly thing you can do. I wouldn't wear this to the office, but I would for sure wear the head scarf to a casual event.  

  •  Anytime you wear a bold statement necklace - keep everything else simple. 
  • This statement necklace is great! It's wearable art at its best!

 Dressing yourself after 40 is really simple once you know what makes you even more beautiful. I believe Mr.Kate accessories are simple and beautiful for the woman who's fashionable over 40.

See you later.

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